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DESIGN FORECAST The New Year Brings Fresh Colors, an Array of Patterns Plus Tried-And-True Tricks to Interiors Compiled by Barbara Kuntz

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Texans stay true to their roots with second homes right here in the Lone Star State
Compiled by Barbara Kuntz

We’ve entered a new year, once again. And, once again, color experts, textile manufacturers, home accessories creators and a multitude of others in the interior design field are quickly taking note of what’s in for 2017.

We have the scoop, with the assistance of some of Houston’s leading interior designers, as well as our own observations. Even if you just want to add some freshening updates or learn a few tricks of the trade, you’ll find these suggestions helpful, too.

Patterned tile brings character to even the smallest of spaces, so Samantha Stinocher of Arizona Tile is pleased to see this trend on-trend for 2017, whether in the bath as flooring or wall accents or in the kitchen as a backsplash – all easy upgrades, especially if working within a limited budget.

“If you’re planning to do a large update to your home in 2017,” she says via email, “some of the most popular products for kitchen and bathroom remodels are quartz countertops and patterned or uniquely shaped tiles.

“Arizona Tile introduced a new line of quartz this year called ‘Della Terra.’ This line features many beautiful marble-look designs, as well as several other natural stone and concrete patterns. Pair one of these selections with our Varese Hex or S-Series Arabesque, and you’ve got a winning look.”

Valerie K. Roberts of Dazzling Décor Rugs & Accessories shares her thoughts on staying stylish without making a big investment on what’s in today but then so-yesterday tomorrow.

“To avoid getting behind the curve on forever-changing design trends, keep fabrics neutral for large upholstery items, such as sofas and sectionals and basic wall colors,” Roberts tells HH&H via email. “Then accessorize with fun and interesting textures and bright colors. Area rugs, pillows and artwork in today’s fresh colors add that personal touch.”

She sees gray continuing to be a fav neutral, but in warmer tones and accented with coral, teal and magenta.

Interior designer Heather Alyce notes the warming of grays as well, and mentions metallic accents such as nickel and gold are going strong.

“Black with clean, crisp whites and warm, creamy neutrals will continue to be popular for 2017,” Alyce writes to HH&H. “But look for the departure of the cool grays and marbles. Instead, opt for a warm ‘greige’ when picking finishes and furniture.”

She adds to be on the lookout for one color trend: “An emergence of rich, deep, jewel tones have started popping up everywhere, especially dark green.”

Interior designer Amitha Verma dittos the abundance of jewel tones on the scene for 2017.
“Rich jewel tones are not only coming back this year, they are taking over,” she writes. “From rich reds to corals, turquoise, purple, navy blues and more, bright and saturated colors have hit the scene with a vengeance.”

She offers ideas on how to incorporate these rich colors in your decor.

“Use jewel tones on your sofas, side chairs and dining chairs for an understated yet impactful look,” Verma says. “If you’re a true color lover, then let your heart run wild and splurge on a gem tone for your full upholstery. If you don’t want to make that big of a commitment, simply sprinkle jewel tones around your space with colorful throw pillows or bold artwork.”
Velvets are the perfect answer to bring in jewel tones for an ultra-stylish look, Verma writes.

“Even when velvet is not in, it remains one of my go-to fabrics in any home project,” she says. “So go ahead and experiment with jewel-toned fabrics. You won’t ever look back.”
Further embrace that luxury feel with the magic of dazzling minerals, whether in sconces, chandeliers and particularly floor lamps, hot now in various styles, colors and sizes.

“Forget ‘matchy matchy,’” Verma adds. “This year, it’s all about mixing and matching. This trend gives your home the voice to tell your unique story. And I’m seeing more and more customers coming into Village Antiques seeking these ‘storytelling’ pieces. They are even upcycling their existing furniture to renew and refresh their space.”

Interior designer Kelly Gale Amen of KGA Design offers encouragement for homeowners when considering making a space current.

“A mirror instantly doubles space,” he writes via email. “I use it in almost all of my projects. With a mirror, you become the focus of the art and always keep evolving.”

More tips from Amen:
• Preserve the client’s memories, such as creatively keeping children’s heights’ markings on walls.
• Don’t be afraid of mixing colors and patterns.
• Don’t be afraid to move things around.
• And never be afraid to add new.

When color-guru Pantone ( announces its shade of the year, every aspect of the design industry lends an ear, and not just the fashion runways of New York. The “Color of the Year” changes the world of interior design, as well.

The color institute recently named “Greenery” as its 2017 color of the year, a hue easily paired with neutral, brights, pastels, metallics and even the continuing presence of Pantone’s 2016 selections, “Rose Quartz” and “Serenity.”

Watch for it. It’s really a color you can live with, and not just in 2017. “Greenery” has staying power, with a direct connection to nature. And as the Pantone website describes, “A refreshing and revitalizing shade, ‘Greenery’ is symbolic of new beginnings.”

Sounds like a great way to begin 2017.



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