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Remodel Breathes New Life Into Flood-damaged Cinco Ranch Home
Story by Sam Byrd | Photos by Benjamin Hill Photography

In 2017 Tropical Storm Harvey delivered mass devastation to Houston and surrounding areas, wiping out entire neighborhoods in its wake. Coincidently, that was the same time Madeleine Banks was looking to utilize her background as an arts advocate and business professional to expand into the area of home and interior design. It wasn't the start she hoped for, but it did swing open the door for those who needed the services she was offering.

Cue one homeowner in Cinco Ranch in Katy whose house needed a complete remodel due to the flood waters. Banks rolled up her sleeves and employed her design-ready talents to refurbish what Harvey destroyed.

“Since this renovation was due to the flooding it was something that was not planned on beforehand but was forced to be done, it made it even more important to get it right,” she says. “It's very important to me to understand my client’s needs, wishes, preferred style, budget and function. Everything that we picked out I made sure worked together so that the entire interior design of the house had a color palette that felt current, fresh and what the client wished for."

Banks began with the kitchen. The client's style is traditional and she wanted her cabinets to be dark. They decided on Kent Moore cabinetry in a whiskey barrel colored maple. A dark Cavatina Melodic 20-inch tile from Daltile was installed on the kitchen, laundry and pantry floor.

“With pattern, we always look at the countertops first. With granite, it can have a lot of patterns. We had to figure that out before we moved on,” Banks says.

To balance out the dark tones, Banks recommended lighter colors for the remainder of the kitchen. The kitchen countertops are white granite from Arizona Tile, which she also used in the master bath for continuity. The kitchen backsplash is a four-inch square light gray Largo tile from Daltile, and the kitchen tile detail above the cooktop is a polished gray 13-inch by ten-inch polished gray Lumia leaf mosaic, also from Daltile, framed with a modern honed volcanic gray pencil border. The fixtures for the kitchen faucets, sinks and hardware all came from Ferguson.

Next came the bathroom, which was another full renovation. Banks used many of the same suppliers from the kitchen project and she added a vintage hex glass artifact gray tile from Ez Floors Inc. for the master shower floor.

“This was the key thing with the budget. [The client] thought we could reuse some of the fixtures, perhaps the bathtub. We tried to do that to stay in the budget, but after a while, she chose to change it out," Banks says. "We did a beige color scheme to make it work with everything and to enhance the resale value and make it light and airy because the cabinets are dark.”

Banks turned out to be almost tailor-made for the job, drawing on all of her life and career experiences that led up to this point.

“I feel like my life has come full circle. I have a bachelor’s degree in art history, which is related to the field. I was a flight attendant, so I worked with people and traveled everywhere. I also taught art history, and that has a lot to do with describing the paintings and the colors. You talk about all these things in interior design as well. I did that for five or six years and I went to interior design school, and I didn’t look back. I feel like it's exactly what I want to do, and I’m right where I want to be,” she says.

Overall, Banks and her client are happy with the end result, and Banks stresses the importance of hiring a designer for both small and large jobs, allowing the project to be completed faster, more economically and without mistakes.

“Sometimes you come to the showrooms with so many choices that you don’t know where to start. Some people can’t really see the picture of how things will look when you put them together and the designer can,” says Banks. “I think it’s a good idea to use a designer because you’re going to get the style you want to have and maybe didn’t know how to assemble.”

No homeowner wants to be forced into a remodel due to catastrophe but, now that this project is completed, there’s nothing left but to enjoy the chic new space.



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